Galaxy III Glow Face


  Altimaster Galaxy . . . the most popular sport skydiving altimeter in the world - and for good reason! This model has a Glow... More
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Galaxy III Replacement Lens

CODE: TS6033

This is the plastic replacement lens for the Altimaster III Galaxy and Stratosphere only.   It has threaded sides for easy installation. More
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Galaxy III Hand Mount

CODE: TS6032

This hand mount easily installs on all Altimaster Galaxy III's. When your current hand mount starts to wear or fray simply replace it with a new one of... More
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Galaxy III Wrist Mount

CODE: TS6034

Unfortunately the last one of this particular item has just been snapped up. PLEASE email us so we know this is what you are after and we'll make sure there is one for you on the next shipment
Wide velcro wrist band. For use with Glowface or N3 with Hard Mount Kit    It will not fit the older version Altimaster III's though. More

Alti III Wrist Strap

CODE: TS6042

This wrist strap can be used for all Alti III. After your strap begins to wear from use you can easily replace it with a factory replacement new one. To... More
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Galaxy III Strap Mount Plate ONLY

CODE: TS6056

Misplaced or damaged your Mount Plate? No worries here is your replacement.
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