Camera Mounts

Camera Auto Quick Release

CODE: TS4009

Think about the time you spend fumbling with screws while attaching your camera or bracket. Dont event think about detaching. This snap in... More
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Parasport Side Mount

CODE: TS4023

$202.00   $25.00
This specially designed camera mount allows the most popular PC style cameras to be installed on the side of headgear. The holder is adjustable in... More
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Universal Top Mount for Video or Stills

CODE: TS4026

$90.00   $50.00
This Aluminum tripod mount is a universal top mount platform used for mounting a video or still camera on top of any headgear with a curved top.... More
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BoneHead Side Mounted L Bracket For Digital Cameras

CODE: TS4025

This Bonehead side mount "L" bracket is used for mounting the newer style digital video cameras. It will fit any Mindwarp Millennium or any other headgear... More
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Flatlock Camera Mount

CODE: TS4039

The Flatlock Camera mount allows you to easiliy and quickly top mount a camera to your helmet. You can use this in conjunction with your Fuel or... More
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You can use this in conjunction with your Fuel or G2/3 Helmets by using the adaptor plates

Flatlock Adaptor Plate for FUEL Helmets

CODE: TS4044

Adaptor to fit your Liquid Flatlock to your Cookie Helmet. The product comes with stainless steel screws and nuts.
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Flatlock Extra Camera Plate

CODE: TS4043

These extra release plates are avaliable should you have multiple camera configurations.  Comes standard with anti twist rubber base, tripod... More
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Go Pro Roller Mounts for FUEL Helmets

CODE: TS3049GP3/3+&4

Machined from billet aluminum and designed to reduce the risk of snagging, this Fuel helmet mount keeps your GoPro camera in place while providing 75... More
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Fuel GoPro Top Plate

CODE: TS3050

The GoPro Standard plate allows you to use the original GoPro click in mount that comes standard with GoPro Cameras.  The Top Blank is... More
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Go Pro Roller Mount for G3 HELMETS


Cookie G3 GoPro Roller Mount. Manufactured to specifially fit the curve ot the Cookie G3 Helmet and mount a GoPro camera. Available for the... More
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Sony Sleeve

CODE: TS3057

The Sony Sleeve allows you to side mount the Sony Action Cam AS10 to AS15 to any flat surface. Additionally the Sleeve has a slotted hole allowing... More

For attaching to a Fuel Helmet

Contour HD Camera Mount

CODE: TS3075

Bonehead Composites now offer a mouting solution for the contour camera and standard side mounts. Consists of a plastic Derlin plate and machined aluminium... More
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Session Roller Mount

CODE: TS7077

Machined from billet aluminum and designed to reduce the risk of snagging, this mount keeps the camera in place while providing 90 degrees of angle... More
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