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Soul Flyers II DVD

CODE: TS2038

$66.95   $10.00
In search for exceptional pictures, the Soul Flyers invite you into some fantastic landscapes. From the top of the world's highest mountains (Mount... More
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Parachuting, Skydivers Handbook

CODE: TS2007

"Poynter's lastest fills the bill of educating while entertaining . He says it well" - Parachutist Magazine "For a lesson or just some vicarious... More
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Swoop Two DVD

CODE: TS2027

$44.95   $10.00
Swoop Two SEX, Betrayal & Murder Exciting and visually dazzling documentary about the 2002 Pond Swooping Nationals. The 2002 National... More
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Pro Swooping Tour DVD

CODE: TS2031

$44.95   $10.00
100% Action... 100% Canopy Piloting... Own the best of the Pro Swooping Tour's 2003 season on DVD! The Pro Swooping Tour 2003 is a one... More
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Combining the Elements DVD

CODE: TS2032

$44.95   $10.00
Combining The Elements is a melting pot of skydiving and other extreme sports athletes, coming together and doing things like you've never seen before.... More
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Skydivers Information Manual 2018

CODE: TS2003

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The 2018 SIM contains everything for beginners working on a license, current license holders looking to upgrade, skydivers engaging in specialized... More


CODE: TS2050

$89.95   $10.00
Backflying is not only super-fun, it's an important skill for all wingsuiters to master. Wingsuits 202: Backfly Like a Pro is the first DVD to outline... More
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The Parachute Manual Volume 1 3rd Edition

CODE: TS2016

A Technical Treatise on Aerodynamic Decelerators  By Dan Poynte r. "Poynter puts the technical part of parachute design and construction in... More
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Parachute Technicians Log Book

CODE: TS2012

For all Packer A and Riggers who must keep records
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