Hook Knifes

Cushion Mount - Z Knife


This item is identical to Standart Cushion Mount except that in the front of the cushion mount a "Z" knife has been installed for easy access.

Carbon Fibre JACK Hook Knife & Pouch

CODE: TS8005

This is the same as No. K16909 Jack The Ripper Knife, but this knife is made with Carbon Fibre . This helps to give this knife an incredible stiffness... More

Yellow Jack the Ripper Hook Knife & Pouch

CODE: TS8004

$24.95   $22.00
Developed for use by rescue workers, this knife affords a large durable cutting area. (Replaceable blades stored in handle). Easily handled in an emergency... More

Z Knife & Pouch

CODE: TS8000

A small, inexpensive plastic hook knife, ideal for cutting lines during malfunctions or entanglements. A must for canopy R.W. Comes with its own pouch... More

Minimum quantity for "Z Knife & Pouch" is 1.

Captain Carbon Fibre Hook Knife & Pouch

CODE: TS8002

Made with Carbon Fibre . The Carbon Fibre helps to give this knife an incredible stiffness across the entire knife for superior strength. The idea of... More

Captain Hook Knife & Pouch


The idea of the hook knife is based around the idea for an inexpensive yet very functional safety knife. This knife was developed for, but not limited to,... More

Open Handle Hooker Knife & Pouch


Same as the Happy Hooker except that this version has an open handle. Anodized aluminum handle. Heavy duty construction with larger cutting opening than... More

Mystic Knife

CODE: TS8007

The twin Stainless Steel blades offer a superior cutting surface to help slice through a multitude of webbings and suspension lines. The mouth opening is... More