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Aerodyne Smart Reserve Canopy

CODE: Smart Reserve

Price: $2,120.00

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The Smart reserve combines more than 30 year of experience in the parachute industry and incorporates the latest 7-cell technology. Thousands of real life cutaways and landings are testimony to the quick and reliable openings, the solid flight performance and the powerful landing flare. 

The construction of the Smart uses high tensile strength 0-3 cfm low porosity ripstop fabric, spectra suspension lines and ample reinforcement tapes. Extra strength is obtained through the use of lateral reinforcement tapes between the line attachment points as well load distribution tapes that radiate from the steering line attachment points.

All this has resulted in a reserve parachute that will withstand the shock loads related with today’s higher freefall speeds and still offer acceptable opening forces for the jumper. It also offers amazing glide performance for a 7-cell, which greatly improves one’s chances to reach a favorable landing spot.

Another safety aspect of the Smart is the relatively long toggle stroke. This reduces the risk of an unwanted stall during the landing flare, a phenomenon often observed with other designs. As a matter of fact, our engineers have built flight characteristics into the Smart that are similar to those of today’s main canopies. This helps a nervous jumper to handle the situation and make a safe landing.

Following subjection to the most severe tests and the auditing of our production facilities, the Smart is certified under the 
US FAA TSO-C23d and the European ETSO-C23d.

With this reserve on your back you will do better than just look Smart!

Exciting features:

  • One of the few reserves approved under the latest  TSO-C23d as well as the European JTSO.
  • Tested far beyond the requirements for deployment weight and speed.
  • The Smart is manufactured under the strict ISO 9001 quality management system.
  • The only reserve with additional radial reinforcement in the tail section.
  • High lift wing and advanced aerodynamics provide maximum low-speed lift  for comfortable landings.
  • Peace of mind packed into the smallest possible container.
  • Available in a large range of sizes.
  • All Aerodyne Smart reserve canopies are supplied with slider, 725 lbs Spectra lines and soft links. The Smart is approved under the TSO-C23d for deployment speeds up to 150 Knots. 
  • All Smart canopies come standard in solid white 0-3 cfm fabric. 


Small pack volume.

Available sizes: 99, 120, 135, 150, 160, 175, 190, 220, and 250 sq ft.

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Please Note:

The Smart reserve is ordered as required EST delivery to be established once order is in place.

  • Stock standard EST is 3-5 weeks. Depending on stock avaliabiliy.
  • Custom EST is 12-14 Weeks.

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If order is cancelled for any reason the deposit will not be refunded as it is required for restocking and shipping. 

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