Altimeters & Alti Parts

Viso II/Ares Sew on Pcoket

CODE: TS6052

VISO II Altimeter Pockets are designed specifically for the VISO II for sewing or gluing to jumpsuits, gloves, helmets or any other custom placement you... More
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Air Filter Kit

CODE: TS6053

Did you dunk your Alti on your last pond swoop?!? Was the water "questionable"? Time to replace your altimeter's filter. This kit includes: 5 x... More
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Air Filter Replacements

CODE: TS6054

Five replacement air filters for your Alti. This kit includes: 5 x replacement filters. You will need the small tool required to both extract the... More
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Optima II LED Visual Warning System

CODE: TS6020


This small LED has a longer space between the connection wire and the actual light lens than the OPTIMA II LED.

OPTIMA II LED –XL provides the user with a visual alarm as well as a audible alarm when used with the SPECIAL OPTIMA II Visual model (TS6002 with LED Connection).

Only the OPTIMA II Visual model has the correct golden plug port to accept the LED-XL.

The OPTIMA II LED-XL can be mounted to goggles, a helmet and other custom placements.

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Optima II LCD

CODE: TS6022

$99.00   $60.00
This small LCD lens provides the user with a visual alarm as well as an audible alarm when used with the SPECIAL OPTIMA II Visual model (by special order... More
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Neptune Screen Protector

CODE: TS6037

$11.00   $5.00
Neptune screen protectors. The protector is a self adhesive vinyl overlay that protects the screen from scratches and dings, when the overlay gets... More
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Alti-2 Atlas & N3 Hard Mounting Plate ONLY

CODE: TS6058

Lost your N3 or Atlas Mount Plate, never fear the replacement is here   Please Note: This is for the Aluminium Plate ONLY   More
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Pro Dytter / Protrack Helmet Clip

CODE: TS6029

This specially designed, nylon impregnated plastic clip is used to attach the PROTRACK/PRO-DYTTER to helmets, goggles and other custom placements.
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CODE: TS6038

$108.00   $80.00
Paralog is an universal, portable skydiving logbook program made by skydivers for skydivers supporting a variety of platforms: Windows, MAC OS X and Linux... More
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BoneHead Alti Mount - Carbon Fibre

CODE: TS6040

The Alti-Mount has now been updated. It now has a 45' angle bend and is to be mounted to the right side of the mudflap for better viewing. The Alti-mount is... More
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Barigo Hand Mount

CODE: TS6026

$20.00   $5.00
Easy to install. This hand mount is meant to be used with the Barigo.
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Cushion Mount

CODE: TS6025

This cushion mount slips over your chest strap and can accommodate a Altimaster II, Altimaster III, or Barigo RW altimeter. The Altimaster II uses two "U"... More
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Cushion Mount - Z Knife


This item is identical to Standart Cushion Mount except that in the front of the cushion mount a "Z" knife has been installed for easy access.
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