Camera Mounts

Camera Auto Quick Release

CODE: TS4009

$129.95   $50.00
Think about the time you spend fumbling with screws while attaching your camera or bracket. Dont event think about detaching. This snap in... More
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Parasport Side Mount

CODE: TS4023

$202.00   $25.00
This specially designed camera mount allows the most popular PC style cameras to be installed on the side of headgear. The holder is adjustable in... More
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Universal Top Mount for Video or Stills

CODE: TS4026

$90.00   $20.00
This Aluminum tripod mount is a universal top mount platform used for mounting a video or still camera on top of any headgear with a curved top.... More
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BoneHead Side Mounted L Bracket For Digital Cameras


This Bonehead side mount "L" bracket is used for mounting the newer style digital video cameras. It will fit any Mindwarp Millennium or any other headgear... More
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Go Pro Roller Mounts for FUEL Helmets


Machined from billet aluminum and designed to reduce the risk of snagging, this Fuel helmet mount keeps your GoPro camera in place while providing 75... More
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Flatlock Extra Camera Plate

CODE: TS4043

These extra release plates are avaliable should you have multiple camera configurations.  Comes standard with anti twist rubber base, tripod... More
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Fuel GoPro Top Plate

CODE: TS3050

The GoPro Standard plate allows you to use the original GoPro click in mount that comes standard with GoPro Cameras.  The Top Blank is... More
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Go Pro Roller Mount for G3 HELMETS

CODE: TS4045

Cookie G3 GoPro Roller Mount. Manufactured to specifially fit the curve ot the Cookie G3 Helmet and mount a GoPro camera. Available for the... More
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Contour HD Camera Mount

CODE: TS3075

Bonehead Composites now offer a mouting solution for the contour camera and standard side mounts. Consists of a plastic Derlin plate and machined aluminium... More
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