Peeksteep goggles are designed by a team of experienced Skydivers.

They set out to create good quality Goggles which are practical and designed with you, the Skydiver in mind. 

Peeksteep Goggles

CODE: TS7019

$34.95   $29.95
Peeksteep Goggles are specially designed for you, the Skydiver! Anti Fog  Anti Scratch Coating Large & Adjustabel Strap... More
9 item(s)
  • BLUE Strap/CLEAR Lens 
  • RED Strap/MIRROR Lens 
  • GREEN Strap/SMOKED Lens 
  • YELLOW Strap/YELLOW Lens 
  • BLACK Strap/MIRROR Lens 
  • BLACK Strap/YELLOW Lens 
  • BLACK Strap/SMOKED Lens 

Spike Packing Tool

CODE: TS5064

$29.95   $24.95
Made by Peeksteep Made from the strongest Stainless Steel, so even the strongest people can not bend it.   If you want to stand out... More
6 item(s)
  • Black 
  • Blue 
  • Green 
  • Orange 
  • White 
  • Pink