Bonehead Composites

Aero Full Face Helmet

CODE: TS3009

Boneheads, newest and proudest Close Face helmet   After 6 months of intense design work they are finally able to take it to the skies.... More
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Aero Visor

CODE: TS7078

2mm molded polycarbonate lens to fit a Bonehead Aero Helmet
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CRW X-Sport Helmet

CODE: TS3010

Need a great lightweight headgear and the ability to add cameras?   X-Sport is your answer; featuring a Therma Fit Liner, Dual Internal Audible... More
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Bonehead Bag

CODE: TS7080

Bonehead's Cordura Helmet and Accessory Bag has an ample amount of space for a Bonehead full-faced helmet and a Bonehead open-faced helmet in the large... More
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Contour HD Camera Mount

CODE: TS3075

Bonehead Composites now offer a mouting solution for the contour camera and standard side mounts. Consists of a plastic Derlin plate and machined aluminium... More
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Bonehead Go Pro Swivel Mount

CODE: TS3069

Bonehead Go Pro Swivel Mount for Aero or REV2 Full Face Helmets The Bonehead Go Pro Swivel Mount is designed for the GO PRO 4 and the above mentioned... More

Bone Head Chin Cup Cut Away System

CODE: TS3046

$54.95   $35.00
This is Bonehead's Chin Cup Cutaway System. It is meant for being able to quickly cutaway your headgear in case of an emergency. Using this... More
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BoneHead Side Mounted L Bracket For Digital Cameras


This Bonehead side mount "L" bracket is used for mounting the newer style digital video cameras. It will fit any Mindwarp Millennium or any other headgear... More
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BoneHead Alti Mount - Carbon Fibre

CODE: TS6040

The Alti-Mount has now been updated. It now has a 45' angle bend and is to be mounted to the right side of the mudflap for better viewing. The Alti-mount is... More
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Bonehead 2016 Vintage Tee

CODE: TS1024

Bonehead Composites'  Vintage-style T-Shirt  - for all skydivers and aviation enthusiasts. More
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