Bonehead Composites

Aero Full Face Helmet

CODE: TS3009

Boneheads, newest and proudest Close Face helmet   After 6 months of intense design work they are finally able to take it to the skies.... More
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Aero Visor

CODE: TS7078

2mm molded polycarbonate lens to fit a Bonehead Aero Helmet
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CRW X-Sport Helmet

CODE: TS3010

Need a great lightweight headgear and the ability to add cameras?   X-Sport is your answer; featuring a Therma Fit Liner, Dual Internal Audible... More
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Bonehead Bag

CODE: TS7080

Bonehead's Cordura Helmet and Accessory Bag has an ample amount of space for a Bonehead full-faced helmet and a Bonehead open-faced helmet in the large... More
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Contour HD Camera Mount

CODE: TS3075

Bonehead Composites now offer a mouting solution for the contour camera and standard side mounts. Consists of a plastic Derlin plate and machined aluminium... More
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Bonehead Go Pro Swivel Mount

CODE: TS3069

Bonehead Go Pro Swivel Mount for Aero or REV2 Full Face Helmets The Bonehead Go Pro Swivel Mount is designed for the GO PRO 4 and the above mentioned... More

Bone Head Chin Cup Cut Away System

CODE: TS3046

$54.95   $35.00
This is Bonehead's Chin Cup Cutaway System. It is meant for being able to quickly cutaway your headgear in case of an emergency. Using this... More
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BoneHead Side Mounted L Bracket For Digital Cameras


$85.00   $50.00
This Bonehead side mount "L" bracket is used for mounting the newer style digital video cameras. It will fit any Mindwarp Millennium or any other headgear... More
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BoneHead Alti Mount - Carbon Fibre

CODE: TS6040

The Alti-Mount has now been updated. It now has a 45' angle bend and is to be mounted to the right side of the mudflap for better viewing. The Alti-mount is... More
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Bonehead 2016 Vintage Tee

CODE: TS1024

Bonehead Composites'  Vintage-style T-Shirt  - for all skydivers and aviation enthusiasts. More
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