Designed to allow maximum customization the Fuel helmet renders the possibility to choose a number of accessories for cameras, altimeters and cutaway systems. The base model comes with the standard ergonomic chin strap and blank mounts. The blank mounts provided with the Fuel will fit L&B's Solo II, Optima II and Quattro altimeter models.

• Polycarbonate / ABS blend Shell
• Dual internal audible mounts for L&B's Solo II, Optima II and Quattro as well as the Alti-2 Neptune.
• Ergonomic chin-strap
• Eleven colour choices
• Sizes XS to XXL


Terminal Sports have 2 options when purchasing the Fuel helmet. We have Line stock which we try to endevour to hold stock for you so you can have it fast. We only keep limited colours and sizes. Additionally we do keep a selection of the accessories as well to provide you with more choice and freedom to design your perfect helmet. 

Alternately you can choose our made to order option which allows you the freedom to pick your colour and have all the bells and whistles.There is a longer lead time, which we will keep you updated with along the way.

Happy Shopping

Blue Skies

Flatlock Camera Mount

CODE: TS4039

Out of Stock
The Flatlock Camera mount allows you to easiliy and quickly top mount a camera to your helmet. You can use this in conjunction with your Fuel or... More

You can use this in conjunction with your Fuel or G2/3 Helmets by using the adaptor plates

Fuel GoPro Top Plate

CODE: TS3050

The GoPro Standard plate allows you to use the original GoPro click in mount that comes standard with GoPro Cameras.  The Top Blank is... More
2 item(s)

Flatlock Extra Camera Plate

CODE: TS4043

These extra release plates are avaliable should you have multiple camera configurations.  Comes standard with anti twist rubber base, tripod... More
1 item(s)

Fuel Audible Spares Kit

CODE: TS3063

Spares Kit for your Fuel Audible side plates.  More
1 item(s)

Fuel Cutaway Chin-Cup

CODE: TS3061

Designed with safety in mind, the Fuel chin cup provides the utmost comfort with the stability you are looking for. Choose between Cutaway or Non... More
1 item(s)

Fuel Cutaway Chinstrap

CODE: TS3048

This Cutaway Chinstrap allows the user to quickly disconnect the chinstrap when under load. Made from selected webbings and industry standard... More
1 item(s)

Flatlock Adaptor

CODE: TS4044

Out of Stock
The Fuel Flatlock adaptor allows you to easily mount the Flatlock to your Fuel helmet. When used in conjunction with the Fuel Chincup the system allows for... More

Multi Tool by Cookie

CODE: TS3071

The Cookie Multitool carries the correct bit load to fit the majority of Cookie Helmet and Camera Accessories. Here is the Bit Load List... More
2 item(s)

Headsock by Cookie

CODE: TS3072

These head socks are the perfect addition to your tunnel or skydiving arsenal, especially for the ladies. Available in black with the Cookie loop... More
1 item(s)

Fuel Dual Top Plate


Fuel Dual Top Plate—the most versatile top-mount camera assembly on the planet. It comes standard with two GoPro Stud mounts, which fit all... More
1 item(s)

Session Roller Mount

CODE: TS7077

Out of Stock
Machined from billet aluminum and designed to reduce the risk of snagging, this mount keeps the camera in place while providing 90 degrees of angle... More

Cookie Cube Camera Bag

CODE: TS4052

Out of Stock
The Cookie Cube is a sturdy camera bag and skydiving helmet bag designed to carry all your camera gear.  Room for you camera helmet Room for... More

Fuel Helmet


Designed to allow maximum customization the Fuel helmet renders the possibility to choose a number of accessories for cameras, altimeters and cutaway... More
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Fuel Side Mounts


The Audible mounts are designed to keep your audibles in place while providing total access to their functions. The Flat Side Mount provides a flat... More
3 item(s)
Fuel Side Mount Optima, Solo, Quatro Protrack Side Plate Neptune Side Mount Flat Side Mounting Cameras

Helmet Bag

CODE: TS3047

The Cookie Deluxe Helmet bag provides protection for you fullface helmet as well as carrying other items such as gloves, altimeter and wallets etc.... More