Helmet Accesories

Bone Head Chin Cup Cut Away System

CODE: TS3046

$54.95   $35.00
This is Bonehead's Chin Cup Cutaway System. It is meant for being able to quickly cutaway your headgear in case of an emergency. Using this... More
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Sky Systems Ratchet Set For Oxygn

CODE: TS3044

$26.00   $5.00
These are the replacement plastic ratchets for the Oxygn and Oxygn A3 headgear. If your old ones break or get worn out, you can replace them with... More
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Z-1 Replacement Liners SIZE XXL

CODE: TS3039

$104.00   $15.00
This is the 2-piece removable liner (with audible pockets over each ear) for the Z1 and Z1 STI. The size of the Z1 shell does not change, so it is the... More
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Helmet Bag

CODE: TS3047

The Cookie Deluxe Helmet bag provides protection for you fullface helmet as well as carrying other items such as gloves, altimeter and wallets etc.... More

Flatlock Camera Mount

CODE: TS4039

The Flatlock Camera mount allows you to easiliy and quickly top mount a camera to your helmet. You can use this in conjunction with your Fuel or... More
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You can use this in conjunction with your Fuel or G2/3 Helmets by using the adaptor plates

G3 Service Kit

CODE: TS3052

Out of Stock

Please Note: Special order delivery may take 7-10 days

Flatlock Extra Camera Plate

CODE: TS4043

These extra release plates are avaliable should you have multiple camera configurations.  Comes standard with anti twist rubber base, tripod... More
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G3 Flysight Mount

CODE: TS3058

Out of Stock
Mount designed to fit perfectly on the G3 helmet. Provides a snug fit for the FlighSight GPS unit without any glue or Velcro for better... More

Fuel Audible Spares Kit

CODE: TS3063

Spares Kit for your Fuel Audible side plates.  More
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Fuel Side Mounts


The Audible mounts are designed to keep your audibles in place while providing total access to their functions. The Flat Side Mount provides a flat... More
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Fuel Side Mount Optima, Solo, Quatro Protrack Side Plate Neptune Side Mount Flat Side Mounting Cameras

Cookie Fuel Go Pro Roller Mounts


Machined from billet aluminum and designed to reduce the risk of snagging, this Fuel helmet mount keeps your GoPro camera in place while providing 75... More
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Fuel GoPro Top Plate

CODE: TS3050

The GoPro Standard plate allows you to use the original GoPro click in mount that comes standard with GoPro Cameras.  The Top Blank is... More
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Cookie G3 G4 Go Pro Roller Mount

CODE: TS4045

Out of Stock
Cookie G3 GoPro Roller Mount. Manufactured to specifially fit the curve ot the Cookie G3 Helmet and mount a GoPro camera. Available for the... More

Go Pro Swivel Mount FLEXI

CODE: TS4042

$108.90   $50.00
For curved Helmets
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Bonehead Bag

CODE: TS7080

Bonehead's Cordura Helmet and Accessory Bag has an ample amount of space for a Bonehead full-faced helmet and a Bonehead open-faced helmet in the large... More
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Aero Visor

CODE: TS7078

2mm molded polycarbonate lens to fit a Bonehead Aero Helmet
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G2/G3 Helmet Replacement Visor

CODE: TS3051

High Impact Polycarbonate treated with anti-fog coating on the inside and anti-scratch on the outside. The Visor has been designed to comply with... More
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G3 Visor Locking Springs Kit

CODE: TS3062

The Spring Kit supplies the items you require to change the visor locking springs on your G3 helmet. Included are 6 replacements springs (note that... More
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G2/G3 Tunnel Plates

CODE: TS3053

The G2-G3 Tunnel side plate has been designed from the feedback received from Wind Tunnel operators. With the current design of our Aluminium Side Plates... More
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Headsock by Cookie

CODE: TS3072

These head socks are the perfect addition to your tunnel or skydiving arsenal, especially for the ladies. Available in black with the Cookie loop... More
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Fuel Dual Top Plate


Fuel Dual Top Plate—the most versatile top-mount camera assembly on the planet. It comes standard with two GoPro Stud mounts, which fit all... More
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Fuel Cutaway Chin-Cup

CODE: TS3061

Designed with safety in mind, the Fuel chin cup provides the utmost comfort with the stability you are looking for. Choose between Cutaway or Non... More
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Flat Base for Roller Mount

CODE: TS3078

This Base for your Roller Mount allows you to mount the unit to any flat surface including the Fuel Dual Top Plate. Note that you will be shipped the Base... More
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  • GP2 (+$139.00)
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  • GP2 (+$139.00)
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  • Fuel Dual Top Plate (+$211.00)

G3 Screw Set

CODE: TS3081

Threadlock and Screws to fasten G3 Helmet Visor.
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G3 Mechanism Set

CODE: TS3082

Replacement Mechanism set for your G3 Helmet.  Comes complete with all parts and screws.
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G4 Tunnel Plate

CODE: TS3086

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Multi Tool by Cookie

CODE: TS3071

The Cookie Multitool carries the correct bit load to fit the majority of Cookie Helmet and Camera Accessories. Here is the Bit Load List... More
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Bonehead Go Pro Swivel Mount

CODE: TS3069

Bonehead Go Pro Swivel Mount for Aero or REV2 Full Face Helmets The Bonehead Go Pro Swivel Mount is designed for the GO PRO 4 and the above mentioned... More

Contour HD Camera Mount

CODE: TS3075

Bonehead Composites now offer a mouting solution for the contour camera and standard side mounts. Consists of a plastic Derlin plate and machined aluminium... More
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Neoxs Adaptor for Z1 IAS

CODE: TS6068

This practical accessory has been designed to install the NeoXs on the Z1 IAS headgear. It is made of a rubber case to adapt the shape and size of the NeoXs... More
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CODE: TS1027

Stormtech Helix Microfleece Skull-Cap Terminal Sports Lightning logo on the back Specifications: Windproof Lightweight and Warm... More
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G4 Lens

CODE: TS3084

One visor size fits all of the G4 helmet sizes. Visors have an anti-fog inside and anti-scratch outside. The G4 visor is tested for its optical... More
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Cookie Flight Bag

CODE: TS3089

Out of Stock
The Cookie Helmets Flight Bag. The perfect bag for your trips to the wind tunnel, or for carrying everything but your rig in a gear bag! Can also be... More