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Skydiving helmet innovator Cookie Helmets has once again listened to skydivers and developed a new full face helmet that is a cross between the raved-about G3, G4 and Fuel helmets.

Cookie’s new G35 (pronounced G Thirty-Five) is a unique crossover helmet that will appeal to skydivers, tunnel flyers and camera flyers. This modular full face helmet takes a little bit of the best of each helmet in the Cookie lineup, while specifically replacing the retiring G3.

Improvements over the G3 include:

More coverage and protection. The back is lower than the G3 yet still easy to get into.
Replaceable liner over EPP internal cap with ventilation channels using the latest materials available.
Padded chin area for more comfort.
Functional audible pockets and more room for your ears.
Quieter, due to integrated visor and slicker side plate design.
Furthermore, taking on aspects of the Fuel, you can customize this modular helmet by:

Mixing and matching the helmet and top plate colors to give your helmet a unique look.

Adding a skid plate to protect your helmet when flying in the wind tunnel.
Adding a utility plate to fit a cutaway roller mount with cutaway handle.

Helmet colours include: Black, white, red, royal blue, dark blue, tactical green, lime green, and charcoal.
Top plate colours include: Black, white, red, royal blue, dark blue, electric blue, tactical green, lime green, charcoal, orange, fluorescent pink, purple, and yellow.
Side plate colours are all the same as the G4 with the same graphic options of the Cloud Loop, Camo and Logo.
Visor colour options are the same as the G4: Clear, Tinted, Blue Mirror & Orange Mirror
The helmet comes standard with a matching top plate to the helmet colour, black side plates and clear visor. But like the G3, G4 and Fuel, you can order different color parts to add-on and customize your G35.

The G35 is not certified to the XPS-72-600 helmet standard, but has an internal EPP layer followed by the soft replaceable liner.

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