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Conceptus Digital Bite Switch


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Conceptus Digital Bite Switch

The Bite Switch is a compact, low profile, hands free operation for your still camera.

The Bite Switch is comprised of a durable, sealed tubular switch assembly measuring 1.5 inches long by 1/4 inch diameter, a 36 inch coaxial wire, and a Digital plug with a 90 degree elbow bend. During use, the switch is placed in the mouth with the wire pointing either to the right or left.

Biting anywhere on the red section or “bite zone” actuates the switch and triggers the camera. There are two tactile ribs so the user can instantly feel the bite zone with their teeth and lips. The required bite force is about what it would take to bite through a small carrot, or about how hard the average person can comfortably bite on their own finger without pain.

Please Note: It shold only be bitten with the front teeth.

The Bite Switch works best with open-faced helmets. Individually tested and guaranteed to function for thousands of shots. The design has been tested up to 3000 bites without a malfunction, and none have failed in the field when used properly.

The Conceptus Bite Switch is ready-to-use with most Canon cameras and can be adapted to almost any camera with a remote shutter release jack. It’s easy to connect and disconnect from your camera, and can be easily spit out at the end of the dive or if you need to cut away your headgear.

It measures 90cm long

This option comes with a digital plug.

For use with Canon Models

Eos 1D, 5D, 10D, 20D, 30D, 60D

1D Mark II, D2000, 1V, 1VHS, EOS 3

and many more. Email us if you camera is not listed

Conceptus Digital Bite Switch


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