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Cam Eye II


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The CamEye II is specially designed for skydivers but can be used in any situation where it’s difficult to reach the camera.

The Cam Eye II makes it easy to start and stop recording, with short clicks on the red button you can toggle in between Start and Standby Modes, to save tape.

By holding the button down you can actually turn your camera OFF and back ON, saving battery life. Three different indication lights will indicate the camera’s status at all times.

Any SONY and Canon camcorder with a 2.5mm LANC jack can be controlled via CamEye II. Other brands that also have LANC ports may also work with the CamEye II. The CamEye II is always tested on real camcorders bt dont worry, no cameras were harmed in the making of the Cam Eye II. 

The CamEye II is not just a light. A microcomputer inside the CamEye II controls the camera and reads the status for you.

CamEye II works in parallel with the normal control buttons on your camcorder. This means that you can still operate the camera the normal way.


  • Controls video camera in CAMERA Mode
  • Easy to Use – One button for all functions
  • Record & Standby, on & Off control functions
  • Indicator for recording, standby, low baterry and low tape status
  • LANC Connection Cable and LED Indicator Cable 30cm each (or11.8in)

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