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Cam Eye Sport


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The CamEye SPORT LANC remote control was designed for use in extreme sports together with a “bullet” type camera lens connected to your video recording device (video camera with AV in capability or video recording deck). It an be used in many sports outside of skydiving such as, bicycling, skiing and snowboarding, auto racing, motocross, motorcycle racing, paragliding, and windsurfing to name just a few.

The CamEye SPORT can also control the recording device in CAMERA mode. The CamEye SPORT detects the recording device operation mode (VCR or CAMERA) and sets the correct control commands automatically.

The CamEye SPORT makes it easy to start and stop recording – great for saving valuable and expensive DV tapes – no more unnecessary film shots. A short click on the red button toggles between recording and standby. The feedback LED indicator shows the camera status and even tells you when it’s time to replace the tape or recharge the battery. LANC cord is 3.3 feet (100cm) long.

The CamEye Sport exists now in two versions – V1.4 and V1.6 . We recommend V1.4 for Canon models and Sony’s models with a power switch with unique positions for each mode “old fashion” (memory, camera, vcr, off, etc), V1.4 controls recording both in camera and in VTR mode. V1.6 is recommended for newer Sony’s models which have a toggle mode selection power switch and it will only work in VTR mode, this model overrides the mode selector switch on the camcorder. With “toggle switch” we mean a switch that you need to push several times in order to toggle between the different modes (memory,camera, vcr, etc). V1.6 solves the issues with camcorders like SONY HC40 which has a “soft” mode selector switch.

The mechanical switch for selecting the operation modes have been replaced on a number of newer camcorders (see list below) from Sony by a push button. By pressing the button repeatedly available operation modes is selected one by one each time the button is pushed. The selected mode is however not remembered when the camcorder is turned off so each time the camcorder is turned ON it starts from CAMERA mode and the user has to select the desired user mode (MEMORY / PHOTO / VTR etc.) even if it was used in VTR (PLAYER) mode before being turned OFF.

CamEye SPORT (version 1.4 or earlier) will therefore not function as intended if the camcorder is turned OFF and in VTR (PLAYER) mode. Each time the camcorder is turned ON, either by the switch on the camcorder or via CamEye SPORT, it will start up in CAMERA mode and the user have to put the camcorder in VTR (PLAYER) mode manually. CamEye SPORT (version 1.4 or earlier) works in CAMERA mode also so the user can be fooled to believe that the camcorder is in VTR mode and recording when it’s recording in CAMERA mode.

Models affected by this issue:The list below is based upon currently known models which have AV in and LANC functionality from Sony. The list might be extended to future models if released after the publication of this bulletin. DCR-HC30, DCR-HC40DCR-HC65, DCR-HC85DCR-IP210, DCR-IP220DCR-IP45, DCR-IP55DCR-PC109, DCR-PC330, DCR-PC350 Recommendation: We do not recommend the sale of CamEye SPORT version 1.4 or earlier to user of the above camcorders.


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