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Contour HD Camera Mount


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Bonehead Composites now offer a mouting solution for the contour camera and standard side mounts. Consists of a plastic Derlin plate and machined aluminium rail which slides into a contour rail guides and allows visor rotation and level adjustments.


Mounting instructions

1. Remove original visor pin from the left side of the helmet.    2. Place a piece of masking tape over each raise mounting pad on the Revolve.    3. Using the longer pin supplied with the contour mount, slide the pin through the upper plate hole through the visor grommet and finally into the helmet and secure.    4. Rotate the plate; centre the middle or each lower mounting slot over the centre of each mounting pad. Mark these locations with a pen and then check for centre accuracy.    5. Using an 8/32 drill or Dremel tool drill the centre marks through the helmet.    6. Secure the lower contour mount with supplied hardware with washers under both the screw head and nut.    7. Minor up/down adjustments can be obtain by loosening the lower screws and slightly rotating the plate to the fore or aft slot positions.

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