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This machined aluminum mount provides reliable attachment, as opposed to adhesive mounts, and can be used in a number of different ways.

The mount allows you to attach your GoPro camera onto your 1″ chest strap, or other 1″ webbing.  (Camera not included.)

This mount also comes with a standard 1/4″ threaded tripod hole in the middle to easily use with any type of camera quick release plate (the Flatlock or the Schumacher Quick Shoe).

Alternatively you can place your GoPro camera on planes, hangars, trees, poles, or anything large or misshaped using the 1″ attachment slots. A great way to set up shots and not leave a permanent mount behind.

Dimensions: 1 3/4″ L X 2″ W X 0.5″ D. or 4.45cm L x 5cm W1.27CM D



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