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JUNO Visual Digital Altimeter


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Juno Visual Digital Skydiving Altimeter. The Juno is the little sister of the ATLAS II from Alti-2.

The JUNO is an electronic altimeter with a graphic digital display.

For those of you that like the ATLAS II, but don’t need the logbook or audible features, the Juno, at a lower price, is for you!

The Juno includes the USB-C improved charging port, same Atlas II buttons but in a micro carbon fiber case, water resistant and a log just of your last jump.

While the ATLAS II is the evolution of the famous menu driven Alti-2 Neptune, the Juno is the visual altimeter for price sensitive skydivers. Thanks to the no battery/filters/maintenance of the JUNO, the altimeter has low cost of ownership

Available with the world wide standard USB-C port for recharging every 4-8 weeks. The Juno is in a micro carbon fiber filled case with clicky buttons, water resistant and a data view for the last jump. BIG numbers in a small case!


micro carbon fiber filled case with reduced edges and corners
Improved USB charging through USB-C last 6-8 weeks or longer
ECO friendly. Safe more than 100 Dollars on single use batteries over 10 years
Raised easy-push clicky buttons with protective case recess


Logs only the last jump


Time can be set to 12 or 24 hour format
Date can be set to USA or International format
Temperature can be displayed in F or C
Speed can be displayed in mph or kmh
LCD may be flipped
Menu scrolls and wraps
Electroluminescent Backlight for night jumps
The adjustable hand mount for the JUNO is included.

2.44” x 1.69” x .47”

1.4 oz (without mount)

-20° C to +60° C

Body Material
micro carbon fiber filled case

Battery Type
Rechargeable Lithium Ion last 6-8 weeks or longer

Every sport altimeter, which leaves the Alti-2 production in DeLand, Florida or in the UK are individually tested in a pressure chamber including video evidence before shipping out! Trusting your altimeter should be justified!

The Juno is menu driven. Spend time skydiving – not reading manuals!

Colour: Black

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Additional information

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