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Schumacher Articulating Ring Sight Extender


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This bracket was made to solve the problem of freefly headgear having no forehead area.

The problem is that in order to mount a ring sight, you must place it too far away from your eye in order to avoid jamming it into your eye while putting the headgear on.

This makes it hard to use a sight and the metal just so far out that it is a safety hazard. The articulating clamp allows you to mount a post that is spring loaded and rotates 90 degrees to allow you to move the sight out of the way and put the headgear on. Then rotate the shaft to move the sight back into place.

The three contoured feet assures a tight fit on the curved headgear.

Once you have installed the bracket on the headgear and have tested the sighting and fit, you can cut off the extra length of the shaft.

Kit contains:

Schumacher Articulating Ring Sight Extender


Please Note: This is a 1/4″ ringsight bracket and can only be used with 1/4″ Swivel Clamps,

Can be used with

1/4″x 1/4″ Swivel Clamp

1/4″x 6mm Swivel Clamp(This Swivel Clamp is only used if you are coupling it with a 6mm ringsight).



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