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Magnetic Slider Holder


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The Sky Tie Magnetic Slider Keeper is a slider retention device designed to be an easier way of stowing the slider. The Sky Tie is a clean and simple solution for keeping your slider down.

This product is meant for people who want to collapse and stow their slider behind their neck after their parachute opens.

Design Features:

  • Easy to use.
  • Will not wear out slider material like Velcro.
  • Lower profile and less of a potential snag then a plastic ball.


Colour: Black



The manufacturer nor Flexvion, Paragear or Terminal Sports makes no warranty to this product in terms of safety or performance. Skydiving is a dangerous activity which may result in injury and or death. Placing anything on your rig may interfere with main or reserve deployment and could possibly entangle with any part of a parachute system. Using this product may interfere with thefunction of container and may increase chances of entanglement. The manufacturer nor Para Gear does not guarantee that this product will fit or work with any specific container system. You must determine if this product is right for your system. Magnets can interfere with pace makers and other electronic devices so keep it away from anything that could potentially be affected. By using this product you acknowledge the dangers involved with it. USE THIS PRODUCT AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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Additional information

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