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Wedge Mudflap Altimeter Mount


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Wedge Mudflap Altimeter Mount.

The Wedge is the only mudflap altimeter mount that is customised to either side of nearly any rig with any mudflap shape for any altimeter.

Chest-strap altimeter mounts tend to move to the left or to the right, as well as up and down, thus making it impossible to check the altitude at a quick glance. Hand-mounted altimeters also have their problems. Freeflyers, using their arms/hands for moving around the sky, docking and stability, have to bring an arm forward, in order to check the altitude. And looking at the altimeter while tracking away is virtually impossible. 

Please note: When ordering, the straight or slanted designation has to do with the angle of the bottom of the mudflap on your container. It does not indicate the altimeter angle. The slanted configuration is for most Vector and Wings containers (and older Talons). Also note the side of your rig you will be mounting your Wedge on, the width of your chest strap (25mm or 43mm) and the side of your chest strap adapter (metal buckle where you thread your chest strap through). All of this info enables us to send the correct configuration of the Wedge so it can be installed properly on your container.


The Wedge includes a stretch pocket on the back, which can be filled with a variable spacer foam, in order to correct any altimeter misalignment due to different rig configurations and body proportions. Also included is a 25mm or 43mm (wide) Uni-Loop that is attached with an elastic strap. Now the chest strap can be routed through this Uni-Loop, keeping the mount close to the body. Freeflyers appreciate this feature as the mount is not pushed up by the wind while standing up. The elastic strap may be adjusted in length with a variable Velcro attachment, to handle different rig configurations.


The optional DigiPouch is for digital altimeters like the Ares, Ion, Atlas, N3, Viso, Atlas and GFX. The DigiPouch includes a clear plastic screen, Spandex® and Velcro® attachment straps, as well as a PVC stiffener plate for the Wedge and angle adjustment foam wedge. 


There is also an optional Altitrack Wedge Mount attachment. If you want to mount an Altitrack to your Wedge, add the separately available Altitrack Mounting Kit for the Wedge.


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