Packing & Rigging

Locking Pull-Up Cord

CODE: TS5063

Used to control thickness of free bag between upper and lower grommets of one-pin reserves. More
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Cypres Temp Packing Pin

CODE: TS5022

This Cypres temporary packing pin is needed for packing Cypres equipped rigs where there is a small loop. Original equipment comes with warning flag... More
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Spike Packing Tool

CODE: TS5064

$29.95   $27.95
Made by Peeksteep Made from the strongest Stainless Steel, so even the strongest people can not bend it.   If you want to stand out... More
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Positive Leverage Device 6in

CODE: TS5067

Using this tool you can increase your leverage on pull up cord type reserves, thereby making packing a tight rig a one-man job. By a simple rotation... More
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T Bodkin

CODE: TS5066

Helpful aid in closing containers. Built of high quality steel and plated to prevent rust. Two or three of these are required for some pack... More
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Super Tack Cord

CODE: TS5064

A waxed, flat-braided nylon mini-tape with tensile strength of 80-90 lbs. (37-40kg). You only tack it once with super tack.   Sold by... More
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Molar Strap

CODE: TS5068

Popular tool used in packing square reserves in one pin containers. The molar strap aids in controlling canopy so that it can be neatly inserted into... More
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CODE: TS7079

The Siliring stowing band is represents an innovative idea to stow suspension lines. Made of silicone modified for this specific use, Silirings are... More
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B.O.C. Replacement Pouch

CODE: TS5029

Pocket used on the bottom of the harness/container to store the pilot chute. Spandex Pilot Chute Pouch Needs to be installed by a rigger.... More
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Closing Loop

CODE: TS5006

Closing Loops Washer Not Included More

Closing Pin

CODE: TS5003

This is the stainless steel curved pin used to close most harness/container's main container. More
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Closing Plate 4in

CODE: TS5053

This tool is a 4" Closing Plate similar to the more common 12" knee plate. This tool works very well with the TS5054/9 Ultimate Closing Devices.... More
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Closing Plate 12in

CODE: TS5052

Made of heavy aluminum. "V" notch makes it easy to pin loop. Kneel on plate using direct compressing to aid in closing one pin reserve.... More
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Cutaway Handle

CODE: TS5004

 All single point 3 ring releases come with a padded red cordura cushion, Velcro, and 2 lengths of Teflon coated ripcord cable. Length of the... More
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Cypres Closing loop

CODE: TS5027

This Cypres Loop is made from the Genuine Cypres loop material, and uses existing Cypres washer. The Cypres loop increases the safety of its user... More
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Cypres Packers Kit

CODE: TS5039

Out of Stock
This is a package of replacement parts that a parachute rigger will need from time to time when packing rigs with Cypres installations. The... More

Hollow End Temp Pin

CODE: TS5050

The ideal tool to solve the problem with those tight reserve closing loops. This curved hollow ended temporary pin allows the dull round ripcord pin... More
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Hollow End Temp Pin (MARD/Sky Hook)

CODE: TS5049

This Hollow End Temp Pack Pin is the same as TS5050 , but is made for large diameter MARD pins. It's even harder to get the MARD pin through the Cypres... More
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Mini Packing Mat

CODE: TS5015

Out of Stock
This Mini Pack Mat is designed to easily attach at the connector links and slide with your system as you pack, giving your harness/container protection... More

Packing Pin with Flag

CODE: TS5021

Used to temporarily hold pack closed prior to inserting the actual ripcord. Extra long cable length with extra long warning flag installed. More
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PD Soft Links Main

CODE: TS5012

Out of Stock
Next Generation Soft Links: Introducing the Slinks The PD Slink is the first soft link ever approved by the FAA for use with reserve parachutes.... More

PD Soft Links Reserve

CODE: TS5013

Next Generation Soft Links: Introducing the Slinks The PD Slink is the first soft link ever approved by the FAA for use with reserve parachutes.... More
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Pull Check Tool

CODE: TS5043

By inserting the hook in the size 0 grommet of the reserve container, and the ripcord cable in the slot of the pull check tool, you can check the pull... More
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Pull Up

CODE: TS5007

Terminal Sports branded Pull Ups.
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Rubber Bands

CODE: RubberBands

Limited Supply. We are expecting more regular rubber bands in early October, 2019   New gum rubber of highest quality, maximum... More
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Safety Tie Cotton

CODE: TS5048

Out of Stock
Tensile strength: 4.75 lbs. Used to seal ripcord after packing. 2 oz. spool. Colour: Red.  More

Mini Slider Bumpers

CODE: TS5011

Constructed of silicone to protect sliders from size 3 1/2 rapid links. Set of four. More
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Magnetic Slider Holder

CODE: TS5076

$49.95   $44.95
The Sky Tie Magnetic Slider Keeper is a slider retention device designed to be an easier way of stowing the slider. The Sky Tie is a clean and simple... More
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Holders are Black but have a blue, red, white or brown skydiver embroidered onto it.

Soft Toggles

CODE: TS5001

These are the same type of soft toggles used with Vectors, Talons, and most other harness/containers. Made in yellow only. Made of 1" square... More
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Straight Hemostat

CODE: TS5056

Ideal instruments for compressing material, pulling threads and getting into very tight spots. Built in locking mechanism. Stainless... More
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Wooden Packing Stick

CODE: TS5051

A must for the professional rigger or parachutist. This packing paddle is 15" long and has the tapered thickness the professional wants. More
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