Packing & Rigging

Locking Pull-Up Cord

CODE: TS5063

Used to control thickness of free bag between upper and lower grommets of one-pin reserves. More
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Cypres Temp Packing Pin

CODE: TS5022

This Cypres temporary packing pin is needed for packing Cypres equipped rigs where there is a small loop. Original equipment comes with warning flag... More
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Spike Packing Tool

CODE: TS5064

Made by Peeksteep Made from the strongest Stainless Steel, so even the strongest people can not bend it.   If you want to stand out... More
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Positive Leverage Device 6in

CODE: TS5067

Using this tool you can increase your leverage on pull up cord type reserves, thereby making packing a tight rig a one-man job. By a simple rotation... More
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T Bodkin

CODE: TS5066

Helpful aid in closing containers. Built of high quality steel and plated to prevent rust. Two or three of these are required for some pack... More
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Super Tack Cord

CODE: TS5064

A waxed, flat-braided nylon mini-tape with tensile strength of 80-90 lbs. (37-40kg). You only tack it once with super tack.   Sold by... More
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Molar Strap

CODE: TS5068

Popular tool used in packing square reserves in one pin containers. The molar strap aids in controlling canopy so that it can be neatly inserted into... More
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CODE: TS7079

The Siliring stowing band is represents an innovative idea to stow suspension lines. Made of silicone modified for this specific use, Silirings are... More
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B.O.C. Replacement Pouch

CODE: TS5029

Pocket used on the bottom of the harness/container to store the pilot chute. Spandex Pilot Chute Pouch Needs to be installed by a rigger.... More
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Closing Loop

CODE: TS5006

Closing Loops Washer Not Included More

Closing Pin

CODE: TS5003

This is the stainless steel curved pin used to close most harness/container's main container. More
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Closing Plate 4in

CODE: TS5053

This tool is a 4" Closing Plate similar to the more common 12" knee plate. This tool works very well with the TS5054/9 Ultimate Closing Devices.... More
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Closing Plate 12in

CODE: TS5052

Made of heavy aluminum. "V" notch makes it easy to pin loop. Kneel on plate using direct compressing to aid in closing one pin reserve.... More
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Cutaway Handle

CODE: TS5004

 All single point 3 ring releases come with a padded red cordura cushion, Velcro, and 2 lengths of Teflon coated ripcord cable. Length of the... More
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Cypres Closing loop

CODE: TS5027

Out of Stock
This Cypres Loop is made from the Genuine Cypres loop material, and uses existing Cypres washer. The Cypres loop increases the safety of its user... More

Cypres Packers Kit

CODE: TS5039

This is a package of replacement parts that a parachute rigger will need from time to time when packing rigs with Cypres installations. The... More
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Hollow End Temp Pin

CODE: TS5050

The ideal tool to solve the problem with those tight reserve closing loops. This curved hollow ended temporary pin allows the dull round ripcord pin... More
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Hollow End Temp Pin (MARD/Sky Hook)

CODE: TS5049

This Hollow End Temp Pack Pin is the same as TS5050 , but is made for large diameter MARD pins. It's even harder to get the MARD pin through the Cypres... More
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Mini Packing Mat

CODE: TS5015

Out of Stock
This Mini Pack Mat is designed to easily attach at the connector links and slide with your system as you pack, giving your harness/container protection... More

Packing Pin with Flag

CODE: TS5021

Used to temporarily hold pack closed prior to inserting the actual ripcord. Extra long cable length with extra long warning flag installed. More
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PD Soft Links Main

CODE: TS5012

Next Generation Soft Links: Introducing the Slinks The PD Slink is the first soft link ever approved by the FAA for use with reserve parachutes.... More
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PD Soft Links Reserve

CODE: TS5013

Next Generation Soft Links: Introducing the Slinks The PD Slink is the first soft link ever approved by the FAA for use with reserve parachutes.... More
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Pull Check Tool

CODE: TS5043

By inserting the hook in the size 0 grommet of the reserve container, and the ripcord cable in the slot of the pull check tool, you can check the pull... More
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Pull Up

CODE: TS5007

Terminal Sports branded Pull Ups.
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Rubber Bands

CODE: RubberBands

New gum rubber of highest quality, maximum strength. Tandem used MIL-R-1832 Spec rubber Measurements: Regular: 2in x 3/8in Short: 1... More
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Safety Tie Cotton

CODE: TS5048

Tensile strength: 4.75 lbs. Used to seal ripcord after packing. 2 oz. spool. Colour: Red.  More
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Mini Slider Bumpers

CODE: TS5011

Constructed of silicone to protect sliders from size 3 1/2 rapid links. Set of four. More
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Magnetic Slider Holder

CODE: TS5076

The Sky Tie Magnetic Slider Keeper is a slider retention device designed to be an easier way of stowing the slider. The Sky Tie is a clean and simple... More
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Holders are Black but have a blue, red, white or brown skydiver embroidered onto it.

Soft Toggles

CODE: TS5001

These are the same type of soft toggles used with Vectors, Talons, and most other harness/containers. Made in yellow only. Made of 1" square... More
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Straight Hemostat

CODE: TS5056

Ideal instruments for compressing material, pulling threads and getting into very tight spots. Built in locking mechanism. Stainless... More
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Tube Stoes Large Line

CODE: TS5025

9 tube stoes per pack. 3 medium black lockers and 6 medium size in black only More
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Tube Stoes Micro Line

CODE: TS5024

10 tube stoes per pack. 3 medium black lockers and 7 small size in black only More
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Wooden Packing Stick

CODE: TS5051

A must for the professional rigger or parachutist. This packing paddle is 15" long and has the tapered thickness the professional wants. More
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