The Parachute Manual Volume 1 3rd Edition

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A Technical Treatise on Aerodynamic Decelerators By Dan Poynter.

"Poynter puts the technical part of parachute design and construction in plain language that non-engineers can understand."

Skydiving Magazine.

"Dan Poynter has contributed more to parachute literature than any other author."

—Dan Tarasievich, Past President, Parachute Industry Association.

The Complete Parachute Encyclopedia
The Manual covers everything there is to know about the parachute: Packing, rigging, alterations, design, repairs, materials, regulations, manufacture, specifications, loft layout, rigging tools, all the personnel parachute assemblies and parts with change notices and much, much more.
Here is everything there is to know about personnel parachutes from the earliest round models to the latest, most advanced gliding wings:
  • Repair
  • Design
  • Rigging
  • Packing
  • Loft layout
  • Regulations
  • Rigging tools
  • Manufacture
  • How to get a rigging certificate
  • All personnel parachute assemblies and parts
  • Materials: fabric, tapes, webbing, thread, hardware, etc.
  • Manufacturer change notices/updates and FAA Airworthiness Directives
  • References, resources and much, much more

Volume I covers all parachutes through 1984 plus historical information, round canopies and U.S. military parachutes. 
Volume II covers all parachutes since 1985 plus more on "square" ram-air canopies, sport piggyback harness/container systems, new materials and construction techniques.