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CYPRES AAD Parachute Rigger Packer’s Kit


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This is a package of replacement parts that a parachute rigger will need from time to time when packing rigs with Cypres installations.

The Cypres AAD Packers Kit also contains everything necessary to equip rigs with Cypres reserve container closing loop systems.

The Cypres loop material increases the safety of its user regardless if a Cypres is in the rig or not. It does this by improving the opening performance of the reserve container, by reducing the necessary pull force on the ripcord up to 50%, and by reducing the risk of loop tearing.

The Cypres Packers Checklist also allows for checking every Cypres installation for its correctness.


1 spool of Cypres loop material (50 meter),

1 finger trapping needle, 1 bottle of silicone gel,

1 container with siliconized cloth,

2 temporary pins,

5 loop discs,

1 filter changer,

3 air filter,

1 Cypres user’s guide,

and 1 Cypres packers checklist.

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Additional information

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