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Rubber Bands for Parachute Packing


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Rubber Bands for Parachute Packing

New gum rubber of highest quality, maximum strength.

Tandem used MIL-R-1832 Spec rubber


Regular: 2in x 3/8in

Short: 1 1/4in x 3/8in

Tandem: 2in x 5/8in x1/16in

For most sport skydiving rigs (Spectra, HMA, Technora and Vectran), we recommend using regular rubber bands for the locking stows and small rubber bands for the remaining stows.

For sport skydiving rigs with larger Dacron lines, regular rubber bands are usually used all the way around.

Tandem rubber bands are used for tandem main canopies.

Rubber Bands for Parachute Packing

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