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New Additions to the Terminal Sports Range

Parasport NeoXs 2 Audible Altimeter

CODE: TS6007

The new case makes the NeoXs 2 the smallest audible on the market, and can fit every skydiving headwear without being uncomfortable. It is made of a... More
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Bonehead 2016 Vintage Tee

CODE: TS1024

Bonehead Composites'  Vintage-style T-Shirt  - for all skydivers and aviation enthusiasts. More
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CODE: StellaStealth21K

The STELLA™ does what no other analog altimeter has done. LB Altimeters has taken the accuracy and user experience of the ALTITRACK™, the... More
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Bonehead Bag

CODE: TS7080

Bonehead's Cordura Helmet and Accessory Bag has an ample amount of space for a Bonehead full-faced helmet and a Bonehead open-faced helmet in the large... More
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Aero Visor

CODE: TS7078

2mm molded polycarbonate lens to fit a Bonehead Aero Helmet
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CODE: TS4048

FlySight is not your mother's GPS. FlySight was designed from the ground up for wingsuit pilots and does one truly revolutionary thing...... More
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Mystic Knife

CODE: TS8007

The twin Stainless Steel blades offer a superior cutting surface to help slice through a multitude of webbings and suspension lines. The mouth opening is... More
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Fuel Cutaway Chinstrap

CODE: TS3048

This Cutaway Chinstrap allows the user to quickly disconnect the chinstrap when under load. Made from selected webbings and industry standard... More
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Flat Base for Roller Mount

CODE: TS3078

This Base for your Roller Mount allows you to mount the unit to any flat surface including the Fuel Dual Top Plate. Note that you will be shipped the Base... More
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  • GP2 (+$139.00)
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  • GP5 (+$139.00)
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  • Fuel Dual Top Plate (+$211.00)

Parasport AloXs Compact Digital Altimeter

CODE: TS6015

Parasport AloXs Compact Digital Altimeter. Perfect companion of the NeoXs 2 Audible Altimeter , the AloXs is its natural twin. Compact and... More
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Terminal Sports Freefall Log Book 600 JUMPS


STILL Made from high-quality material to provide a sturdy log book for all skydivers. Our logbook now has a   massive 600 jump capacity and... More

Zippered Log Book Cover to keep you most prized possesion safe.

Stella Wrist Mount

CODE: TS6064

The STELLA Elastic Wrist Mount is manufactured by LB Altimeters specifically to fit the STELLA altimeter. Durable & comfortable elastic emblazoned... More
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CODE: TS1027

$34.95   $29.95
Stormtech Helix Microfleece Skull-Cap Terminal Sports Lightning logo on the back Specifications: Windproof Lightweight and Warm... More
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Stella Hand Mount

CODE: TS6068

Hand mount to fit your Stella securely for easy viewing in flight. For use with a Stella alti and available in black
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Replacement Battery Cover for Stella

CODE: TS6072

Replacement battery cover for Stella Alti Contains: 1 x Battery Cover 1 x Seal 4 x Screws 1 x Stella Replacement Battery More
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L&B Tool

CODE: TS6075

The VISO II L&B Tool is for inserting and extracting your VISO or VISO II from out sew-on altimeter pocket, L&B VISO II Gloves, and our VISO II... More
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L&B Ladies Tee

CODE: TS1028

L&B Female Tee
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L&B Mens Tee LARGE

CODE: TS10289

L&B Mens Tee
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G3 Screw Set

CODE: TS3081

Threadlock and Screws to fasten G3 Helmet Visor.
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Akando Ultimate Gloves


$44.95   $39.95
Premium tackified cowhide leather for protection, durability and grip - outside layer made of spandex material     Skydiving gloves... More
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CODE: TS4051

This machined aluminum mount provides reliable attachment, as opposed to adhesive mounts, and can be used in a number of different ways. The mount... More
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G3 Mechanism Set

CODE: TS3082

Replacement Mechanism set for your G3 Helmet.  Comes complete with all parts and screws.
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Wedge Mudflap Altimeter Mount

CODE: TS6069

Wedge Mudflap Altimeter Mount. The Wedge is the only mudflap altimeter mount that is customized to either side of nearly any rig with any mudflap... More


CODE: TS4050

This machined aluminum mount provides reliable attachment, as opposed to adhesive mounts, and can be used in a number of different ways. The mount... More
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Kroop VFR Over Eyeglasses (OTE)

CODE: TS7023

The VFR Over eyeglasses Goggle is a smaller version of our original OTE (Over the Eyeglasses) goggle invented by Kroop in the 1970's to satisfy the... More
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Protrack Replacement Battery Cover

CODE: TS6076

Out of Stock
Replacement Battery Cover for a Prorack or Prodytter. Includes:   Cover 2 x Screws  2 x Springs  ... More

Alti-2 Chronos

CODE: TS6016

Out of Stock
*Coming Soon* Sign up for email notification today Chronos is a simple and innovative visual-only electronic altimeter that has been designed... More

Replacement Battery Cover for SOLO II- VISO II- OPTIMA II- QUATTRO - ARES

CODE: TS6076

Replacement Battery Cover for Altis usinf CR2325 Batteries Includes: Cover Water Seal Screw     More
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Elastic Wrist Mount for ARES II

CODE: TS6077

A snug and secure elastic arm band equipped with our plastic ARES pocket. Comes with the L&B ARES Tool. SIZING: Here are... More
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L&B 3 in 1 Altimeter Tool

CODE: TS6070

The new LB Altimeter Tool! This specialized tool is multifunctional. Specifically made with the Stella altimeter, but can also be used with all Larsen... More
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Peerser Goggles


Very popular with Contact Lens Wearers. Peerser Goggles offer 100% UV400 protection in all lens colors, nearly unbreakable frames, a robust adjustable... More
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Cookie Cube Camera Bag

CODE: TS4052

The Cookie Cube is a sturdy camera bag and skydiving helmet bag designed to carry all your camera gear.  Room for you camera helmet Room for... More
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