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VMAG GoPro Fuel Mount


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VMAG GoPro Fuel Mount

The Vmag Fuel Helmet Mount integrates with the Fuel Top Plate system. The base plate of the mount attaches with the Cookie screws included with the Fuel helmet, while the camera is attached with the magnetic arm to the magnet on the base plate.

Works with all GoPro cameras and/or GoPro housings.

This Danish engineered and designed product is a strong magnet mount that works with most of the action camera types on the market. The strong magnets hold the camera securely during your skydive, but it’s then easy to take the V-mount off the helmet mount, with a straight pull. And then it’s extremely easy to put your camera back on again.

In case of a linesnag, the magnetic attachment allows you to pull out the the Vmag mount, splitting the mount in two without breaking it, and then simply put it back on again. Or if it’s an emergency entanglement or cutaway, you can throw the camera after pulling it off.

In the event of a collision, or a crash, the Vmag is attached with very strong magnets, and can only be pulled of with a straight forward pull. If the crash force is big enough the mount will release or break.

The cut away is integrated in the mount, so in the event of the camera getting snagged, simply pull off your camera, get clear of the snag, and mount the camera again, so you can keep it.

Simply put the Vmag helmet piece in the air vent and screw it on from the back side. You can attach the Vmag in less than 5 minutes.

The GoPro arm attachment piece is the same standard arm mount used on the Vmag chin mounts.

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Additional information

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